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Today, leading members of the UK’s clinical community were encouraged to seek consent from their patients for resected tumour tissue to be donated for research.

The presentation was delivered by Dr Kathreena Kurian, the lead expert neuropathologist for brain tumour research at North Bristol NHS Trust and Brain Tumour Tissue Campaign partner.

Dr Kurian presented the importance of consent, using her own experience of having surplus tissue stored in neuropathological archives that could not be used for research purposes. She also discussed the processes of seeking consent, with ethically approved information sheets and forms, and the need to raise the number of patients consenting from 30 to 80%.

The presentation was well received and many medical professionals approached brainstrust and the campaign’s partners shortly afterwards for more information about the consent forms, and the process of acquiring these, as well as to ask questions about the various stages in which consent can be sought.

Clinicians, you can find answers to these questions by clicking HERE.

The presentation was important for not only raising awareness of the huge impact that seeking consent can have on research, but also how easy the process is. 

Dr Kurian concluded the presentation by giving an example of a patient who, by asking for consent, managed to engage a clinician who was uninterested in making the process a regular part of consultations. This illustrated the power of the patient in driving the process and it means that you, our brain tumour community, still have a significant part to play in making this the norm.

Ask about donating your brain tumour tissue for research. Start the conversation today.

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