In Fundraising News

When Kristis’ beloved granddad passed away, he left her some money in his will. She’s used the money to set up a wax melt business in his honour, and is selling a fragrance in his memory, with 50% of the profits coming to brainstrust.

Her granddad, who everyone knew as Pops, was known for loving a G&T, which has inspired this flavour:

Green tea and citrus notes are shaken over ice with herbal accords, freshened with a squeeze of fresh lime and an aromatic twist of pine. A lovely fresh bright smell that will enhance your home.

Kristis said: “My granddad died last month aged 90 and with some money he left me I decided to set up a small business from home making and selling fragranced wax melts. During Covid I have been working from home but in the evenings set up the website, bought the stuff needed to make the melts, did market research and sent testers out to get responses regarding the most popular fragrances.  The company is called Pops Melts as everyone knew my grandfather as Pops and it’s a sort of tribute to him as well as something I enjoy doing.  When my nana died I did a parachute jump to raise money for brainstrust and I would now like to work with brainstrust again to raise money for them by donating 50% of the profits of a special melt which is Gin and Tonic…. my grandfather’s favourite drink.”