In Brain News

Sarah Andrews (Sweetie Pie), a brain cancer patient has been writing some moving insights into what it’s like to live with a brain tumour. The below poem is a testament to the community we have at brainstrust and how supporting each other can really make a difference.


We’ll be sharing more of Sarah’s poems, which address all aspects of life as a brain tumour patient, in the future.

To post or not

The first time


There she sits,
Finger hovering
“to post or not to post”
A comment she feels is right,
But exposes “her”.


What will the others say?
Will they “get” what she feels?
What she means?


Frightened, vulnerable and feeling so alone.
Struggling and not really knowing where to turn.


It’s done!!!!
And for once she leaves it there
Unlike so many times before.


Slowly a smile creeps across her face
As messages of support and understanding
Come flooding in


“Been there”
“ Oh my, YES, that’s so true”
“We are here for you”


And suddenly


Part of the loneliness goes
She feels like a seedling
Tended, nurtured, supported,
Coming out of darkness, into light
Part of something that could help


Breathing a sigh
She gets on with her day,
The same struggle as always
Just feeling that little bit brighter
Knowing she is not alone any more.


Sarah Andrews 13.9.14