Chris’ GBM journey

Image of Chris

Chris was born at Nether Edge Hospital in Sheffield on 8th January 1973. He is proud to have been born in Sheffield and lived there until he was 27. Dronfield holds a very special place in Chris’ heart: “Dronfield has a big, positive impact on me and my life.”

When life changed

Chris had been getting headaches and saw a few different doctors at his GP surgery. As his headaches had become so bad, a colleague suggested he go to A&E on his way home from work one day. Chris went to the hospital and was given 2 paracetamol tablets. The family then went to Florida for 2 weeks, where Chris was taking maximum paracetamol daily and feeling odd.

On 10th September 2017, the week after Chris and his family got back from Florida, Chris’ life changed when he was diagnosed with a GBM4 following an MRI scan. He had surgery a few days later, on 13th September 2017.

Before his surgery Chris asked a doctor how long he had left and was told he had 2 years. Last year, Chris celebrated his third anniversary since his diagnosis and feels very lucky to still be here.

So, what is Chris’ focus now?

Chris bungee jumping

His children – Chris has an 11-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old boy. He has also recently set up a website to help other people living with a GBM4 by sharing experiences: “Support, hope, talking, alternative treatments, links, and connections are incredibly important”.


Communication is the most important thing in Chris’ life now and he feels incredibly lucky to be connected to some amazing people. He has recently been in contact with the surgeon who operated on him.

And what advice would Chris give to others living with a GBM4?

“GBM4ers, please try and find what makes you happy, makes you smile, have you got enough psychological support? Are you eating good food? Number 1 message, from me to any cancer patient would be: DO NOT… EVER, EVER, EVER ASK ANYONE ABOUT TIME……. no one, will ever know the exact TIME, so move on, try and squeeze enjoyment out of every day.”

If you have a GBM and would like to meet other people with the same diagnosis, please come along to our GBM Virtual Meetup this Thursday – sign up here.