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2019 NCPES survey findings

The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey has released its 2019 results, and we have pulled out all the information related to brain tumours. For a detailed look at what they found for people with a brain tumour, click here.

The three most significant findings are:

  1. Across the NCPES people living with a brain tumour scored the lowest across the most indicators, hence our invitation, along with Cancer 52, to be involved with the rarer cancer initiative. This is an NHS initiative that is supporting innovative practice to improve the patient experience.
  2. Only 27.5% of people with a brain tumour were given a care plan. This is such a simple thing to do. We are going to be focused on helping patients and their caregivers ask for and take ownership of their care plans. This is so important in helping people to engage with their treatment and truly be in the driving seat.
  3. Some good news – in 95% now were given the name of a CNS and 86% found it quite easy to contact their CNS.

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