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Managing behaviour and personality change – a new support resource from brainstrust, coming soon

Understanding and coping with the behavioural and personality changes (BPC) that can follow a brain tumour diagnosis is one of the most disempowering and distressing challenges faced by our community. We know this because you have told us, and so have the nurses we work with in hospitals across the UK.

“I’ve known this man for 46 years and now I feel as if I know nothing about him” Caregiver

“From the perspective of a neuro nurse I would like to know how to manage personality change and help caregivers to adapt to these changes. This is a huge need in my clinical setting and I would like to implement strategies to improve things and include this in the service I provide” CNS

We’ve been working hard on developing a resource to help everyone tackle this issue, whether you are a person living with a brain tumour, you have a loved one who has received a diagnosis, or you are a clinician. It will equip you with tools and knowledge to manage and live better with BPC – one of the most challenging aspects of a brain tumour diagnosis.

It is our vision that people with a brain tumour are resourced and resilient, so that they can live the life they want to and secure the best outcome for their situation. Behaviour and personality change as a result of a brain tumour cannot be reversed, but with this resource and with our support, you can manage BPC and focus on living the life you want.

We trialled the resource at a pilot workshop and received super feedback. Everyone who attended said that they:

  • Felt more confident about managing BPC, why it happens and what it is
  • Are more informed and engaged in their situation
  • Are assured they are doing the best they can to cope with BPC
  • Have developed some new strategies to cope with BPC

The resource will be available in the next few weeks and we’ll be rolling out BPC workshops across the country.

For details of upcoming workshops, click here.

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