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The brain tumour patient portal project ( that we’re working on with Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Registration Service of Public Health England (NCRS) has been shortlisted for a Quality in Care Oncology Award.


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This acknowledgement means a lot to us. Not only is the need for better information for people with a brain tumour being recognised by senior bodies, but clearly our belief that the Portal can change the world for people with a brain tumour is shared.


The Patient Portal gives brain tumour patients unprecedented access to their registry held records, which will enables better involvement in care, makes it easier to search for relevant information, and facilitates more informed conversations with family and their clinical teams.


The Quality In Care awards recognise, reward and share good practice in oncology management, education and patient care.


The Patient Portal project has been selected as a finalist in QIC’s ‘Patient Involvement’ category and is running alongside submissions fromMacmillan, CLIC Sargent and leading Hospitals from across the UK, so we are in illustrious company.


Winners will be announced at the Britain Against Cancer Conference in Westminster on Tuesday 9th December. Fingers crossed!


UPADTE 9/12 – Great news! Whilst we didn’t receive the top prize for this work, the project was commended by the judges, with a certificate given to the team on the night. The judge’s comments were: 

“This was patient-driven, very topical and could well be the future. The idea that patients can access their own records is important, but the initiative was also very sensitive to patient safety and took the time to educate nurses. Consequently it was able to show good indicators of success.”