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Requesting a brain box

Here at brainstrust, we appreciate how difficult things can be once you are diagnosed with a brain tumour. The travelling to and from appointments, the stream of questions that pop into your head, and knowing who to turn to and when. That’s why in 2010, we launched the first brain box, containing a number of essential things to provide support for brain tumour patients and their carers. When Hulya Oztel was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016, she made contact with brainstrust and ordered a brain box.

‘A lifeline after diagnosis’

Brainstrust sent me a brain box, a lifeline after diagnosis. In addition to key information and books, there was a T shirt, teabags, simple things that reminded me to look after myself. The most significant impact was the feeling that at last someone was listening. and helping me make sense of what was happening and could guide me through the journey ahead.’

Climbing Mount Triglav

After receiving her brain box and finding it to be extremely helpful, Hulya said that she hoped to one day be able to fundraise for brainstrust, so that she could fund the cost of brain boxes for other brain tumour patients. Sure enough, in May this year Hulya and her son Aiden took on the staggering challenge of climbing Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s tallest mountain. ‘Mount Triglav means ‘Three Peaks’ in English. This matches the challenges Aiden and I have had to overcome over the last year and a half, so it seemed befitting to take on Slovenia’s highest mountain. Did I feel ready for this? Absolutely not, I was terrified. Aiden, by contrast, was ever optimistic.’

Despite her concerns, Hulya and Aiden completed their incredible challenge, calling it ‘an amazing experience.’ Making their achievement even more impressive, they raised a fantastic £1,067.14 for brainstrust! The amazing amount raised by Hulya and Aiden equates to the cost of 26 brain boxes, meaning that their brilliant fundraising will allow for 26 other patients, carers and their families to receive the same brain box which helped Hulya so greatly.

brain box appeal

Brainstrust provided brain boxes to brain tumour patients and their carers free of charge, but the total cost of a brain box to the charity is £40. As we continue to support more patients than ever before, demand for brain boxes has also grown, and with that, we are launching our brain box appeal. To help us continue to support more brain tumour patients like Hulya by providing our unique and invaluable brain box, please go to

brain box appeal