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With summer in full swing and the school holidays approaching, you may be thinking about your options of booking a holiday when living with a brain tumour diagnosis.

A change of scene and a break away from home can be incredibly restorative when planned well, and can give you the space needed to help build your resilience when faced with a challenge.

Brain tumour travel insurance

When looking for some time away, travel insurance is something that we know can be a challenge when you have a brain tumour. The brain tumour hub has a list of travel insurance companies that will provide cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Take a look here:

Practical travel advice

For practical advice when travelling abroad, you might find this useful:

brain tumour ‘stay-cation’

If you are looking to stay a bit closer to home and want to take advantage of the beautiful countryside we have in the UK, then After Umbrage, a charity that offers relaxing holiday accommodation for those affected by a life limiting illness, has a super offer:

For a break away by the sea, The Grove Hotel in Bournemouth is a unique hotel which offers a holiday retreat specifically for cancer patients and those with life threatening illnesses:

If you want a bit more of a helping hand when booking your holiday, whether it is in the UK or abroad, accessible holiday specialist is a travel agency that can help you search for suitable accommodation that caters for your needs:

Tell us what you are up to

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