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Director of Services and co-founder of brainstrust, Helen Bulbeck participated in a Roundtable discussion last week about the hidden health costs brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Head to 15:28 in this video to hear from Helen and Dr Alex Munster, as they discuss burdens on the mental health of NHS staff, the impact of restrictions on cancer treatment and other, less discussed consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As Helen says, “it is important we have strategies and workarounds to support people with the human side of this pandemic, and the challenges that it has brought about, which often aren’t in the limelight.” Problems such as those faced by a woman we’re supporting, who was unable to attend a consultation with her husband about his MRI results, despite the fact that he suffers from memory problems because of his tumour. We have also been supporting people unable to visit their loved ones in palliative care wards, robbed of important moments together.

These problems are not easily put into eye-catching statistics, but they represent the real and often complex situations that so many people with a brain tumour are facing. We’re here to help you come up with strategies to manage the uncertainty of the road ahead. If you need support on your brain tumour journey, get in touch. Send an email to