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Health and Wellbeing Day: London

On 1 November we held our fourth health and well-being event for the brain tumour community, this time in London. These events have grown from the incredible legacy of Pablo Lievano, whose work with the brain tumour community was focused 100% on helping people secure holistic care and support.

The day was jam-packed with talks and workshops, with speakers from a wide range of backgrounds. Healthcare professionals and clinicians led discussion around topics such as cannabinoids and developments in treatment to help people understand what these mean for their brain tumour journeys.

“Engaging and enlightening. Answered some fundamental questions” attendee feedback.

Voices from our community

It was a privilege to have Sammy Taylor as the keynote speaker. Sammy spoke of her own experience of life with a brain tumour, as a twenty-something living in London. Having undergone her surgery earlier this year, Sammy inspired the room and set the tone for the whole day as she embodied hope, positivity and the power of seeking joy and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. You can read all about Sammy’s journey on her blog here.

“I found the Well-being day truly insightful, inspiring and a great opportunity to connect with people either on their own journey or caring for a family member who is. I was really grateful for the opportunity to share my own brain tumour story, which resonated with more people than I anticipated. I also loved hearing from medical professionals about how to live with a brain tumour diagnosis and beyond, finding the psychology and nutrition talks particularly useful. It was a great way to bring people and knowledge together. “

“Sammy was inspirational and a great person to start off the day” attendee feedback.

Afternoon workshops: Optimising health through nutrition or movement, or exploring mindfulness through art

In the afternoon we broke up into workshops, where attendees chose from movement, nutrition and art. Those who attended the movement and art workshops were able to take a step back, pause and take part in mindful activity. The nutrition workshop helped answer people’s many questions about diet and it’s impact on brain tumours.

All talks were catered to helping people understand more about their diagnosis and the tools that are available to them, so they can have the best possible day everyday. A crucial part of the day was allowing attendees to chat together, meeting the local brain tumour community and building a network of support.

What attendees had to say

“Thank you to brainstrust for their continuing work and huge effort when they recently organised an enjoyable day of  educational and inspiring talks. They continue to provide a wonderful community of people, living through a brain tumour experience, with much needed guidance, helping to bring a sense of calm during what can often be a traumatic time.”

“A great opportunity to socialise with other people, compare notes and gain information”

“I’m very grateful to brainstrust for organising such an amazing day. Thank you!”

If you’re in London and the South East and you would like to speak to somebody about how brainstrust can support you, get in touch with Jane (





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