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Updated brain tumour shielding advice

In the months since Coronavirus started to impact our way of life, there have been different versions of guidance in place for people considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable in relation to shielding.  For people living with a brain tumour diagnosis, this guidance applies to people having chemotherapy or who are on a high dose of steroids.

Following the latest government update on 12th October, the guidance on protecting and shielding clinically extremely vulnerable people has been updated. This now replaces any previous advice on shielding.

You can view the new guidance here.

This guidance is applicable for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What has changed?

The need for the previous restrictive shielding advice has been reduced due to a number of new measures being introduced in our communities, including the rule of 6 and the widespread use of face coverings.

In England, the government has now introduced local COVID alert levels, with rules and advice based on the level of risk in your local area. This advice provides practical steps to help keep people safe, whilst reducing some of the potentially harmful impacts on mental and social well-being that was associated with previous strict shielding advice.

From now, the new advice is to refer to the new local COVID alert areas for your area.

You can find details of the Coronavirus restrictions in your area here.

There are different restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can view these here:

Will I be asked to shield in the future?

There is still a lot of uncertainty related to restrictions at the moment and things have been changing quickly. Current guidelines state that the government will only reintroduce formal shielding advice in the worst affected local areas based on advice from the Chief Medical Officer. In this instance, you will receive a new shielding notification advising you to do so.

If you’re feeling anxious, lonely or confused…

You’re not the only one! We know that for lots of people with a brain tumour shielding has been incredibly lonely and tough. We’ve got tons of resources, events and support that will help you shift from inner chaos to calm.

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