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The latest updates to COVID-19 restrictions come into action from 2nd December.

On Wednesday 2nd December, the government will introduce new COVID-19 restrictions in England. From this date, England will move into a tiered system of local restrictions.

As well as this, there are also separate restrictions in place for the Christmas period which will run from 23rd– 27th December.

Alongside the new local restrictions, there is also additional guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable people. For people living with a brain tumour diagnosis, this guidance applies to people having chemotherapy or who are on a high dose of steroids.

As with previous updates, the guidance for people who fall into this category is less restrictive than the previous formal shielding advice. If formal shielding does need to be introduced alongside the local restrictions, the government will write to you to advise you of this.

This specific advice is for England only. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have different national restrictions and advice for clinically extremely vulnerable people


There is currently a system of local protection levels in place across Scotland. You can view details of these levels here.


Click here to view the details of the current restrictions in Wales and extra guidance for extremely clinically vulnerable people.

Northern Ireland:

Details of the current restrictions in Northern Ireland and extra guidance for extremely clinically vulnerable people are available here.

What advice should I follow?

If you fall within the category of being clinically extremely vulnerable, you will receive a written letter from the government with some additional advice on how to protect yourself. This advice will apply to the restrictions from 2nd December and the restrictions over the Christmas period.

Below is an overview of the additional advice:

  • Continue to maintain strict social distancing and keep the number of social interactions that you have low. You should refer to your local area restrictions for advice on where you can and can’t socialise with people outside of your house.
  • You should work from home where possible as this reduces the chance of you being exposed to the virus. If you are unable to work from home, you can still go to work in all tiers and your employer is required to make sure they have taken the necessary steps to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in your workplace.
  • All student and pupils should continue to attend education settings in all tiers unless they have been advised by a GP or clinician not to. This rule also applies to children and young people who have parents or carers who are clinically extremely vulnerable.
  • You should consider shopping or collecting prescriptions at quieter times of day and wearing a face covering unless you are exempt from doing so. Where possible, you may want to ask family, friends or volunteers to make these trips for you.

You can read the full version of the updated guidance here.

Christmas restrictions

From 2nd December, you should follow the restrictions for your local area. You can check which tier your local area is in here.

We know that Christmas can be a challenging time of year when you are living with a brain tumour diagnosis, both as a patient and a caregiver, and this year is no exception and will bring more challenges for some of us. Here are some tips from a patient that gets it, and some of the ways we can support you over the festive season and beyond.

Join us on 16th December for our ‘Coping with Christmas- an ideas exchange’ webinar for an opportunity to share ideas about how to cope in a supportive space and connect with others who understand. Find out more and register here.

During the Christmas period, the government have announced a change in restrictions on social contact which allow people to form a ‘Christmas bubble’. This allows people to send time indoors and outdoors with people from up to 3 households, including your own. These restrictions will run from 23rd December – 27th December.

The Christmas restrictions are the same for England, Scotland and Wales. In Northern Ireland the restrictions will run from 22nd – 28th December to allow people more time to travel.

There is more information on these restrictions here.

For those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, there is some additional advice that you may want to follow in order to protect yourself whilst in your ‘Christmas bubble’.

Below is an overview of this additional advice:

  • Continue to maintain social distancing when you are socialising both indoors and outdoors and avoid physical contact with people you don’t live with.
  • You may want to consider wearing a face covering during this time and asking others to do so if they are near you.
  • Keep indoor spaces well ventilated and regular clean areas such as door handles and surfaces.

You can find further information about this advice here.