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The Brain Tumour Patient Pathway Workshop at Cliveden House

14 January saw brainstrust back at Cliveden House for its second information and health and well   being day for people living with a brain tumour. Pablo Lievano is the driving force behind this – living with a GBM Pablo knows only too well how important these events are for the brain tumour community.
Luis Fernando Garcia filmed the day and caught some wonderful highlights, as well as the thoughts of attendees. The video is well worth a watch if you’re interesting in coming to one of our workshops.

Grab a cuppa and watch the video here.

We were informed, indulged, nurtured, educated  – there was something for everyone. If you wanted to sit and listen to the latest information about neurosurgery – you could. If you wanted to know about the state of research with cannabinoids – that was on the menu. Diets, nutrition and exercise and how to optimise these, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and how to manage stress  – it was a super smorgasbord to choose from . And then the complementary therapies where people could slip away for 30 minutes topped the day.
Cliveden spoilt us  – delicious healthy food and delightful surroundings. And best of all? Knowing that of the fifty people who attended, everyone went away feeling more resilient, better resourced and less alone.


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