Craniotomy in MRI

This is what enabled Meg to have her surgery. This technology has been around for about 25 years in the USA and was pioneered by Prof. Peter Black. This technique supports neurosurgeons in the attempt to enhance resection, even in the most delicate and inaccessible areas of the brain. Sometimes it is difficult for a surgeon to distinguish the tumour from the tissue surrounding it. It does not make a neurosurgeon a better neurosurgeon; it’s just another tool to be used.

An intraoperative MRI works between the magnets in the open space, which is an operating theatre. Because the magnets can be used at any time during the surgery real time images of the brain can be seen as the surgeon operates. The extent of the resection can be monitored with periodic images throughout, which ensures a more accurate resection and is safer because any brain bleeds can be dealt with quickly.

This technology is now available in the UK. To find out more, speak to your consultant or clinical team. You can also call us 24/7 on 01983 292405 and we can tell you our own experiences of this brain tumour treatment.

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Date published: 17-05-2009
Last edited: 28-02-2018
Due for review: 28-02-2021

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