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Making the world understand the impact of a brain tumour

When shared, your stories have potential to create real change.

This #BrainTumourAwarenessMonth, share your stories with us. We’ll always champion the voice of the patient and carer, and fight your corner so that the real issues faced by the brain tumour community can be addressed.

Add to this the countless more of their friends and family that feel the impact of a brain tumour. Each person has their own unique story, and it is the nature of brain tumours that two people with the same diagnosis can have completely different experiences. It is so important that your individual stories are shared so that people understand the ways a brain tumour can impact your life.

Brain tumours can be isolating, but you’re not alone. Read about the issues others face, and share your own experiences with our community on our pinboard.

If you’re doing something this Brain Tumour Awareness Month to spread understanding about brain tumours and their impact, we’d love to know! Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – or drop us an email.