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Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2021

This Brain Tumour Awareness Month, we’re exploring how self-care can help you when living with a brain tumour.

Self-care and wellness are terms thrown around a lot on the internet these days, and it can be hard to know what they actually mean. Real self-care – moving beyond the bubble baths and scented candles on Instagram – can be transformative in helping you rest and recharge, connect to your inner self and live a life that is aligned with your values.

Brain Tumour Awareness Month workshops and events

We’ve got a packed calendar of online events, including:

Art Time

Take a couple of hours out of your day to discover how painting can be a wonderful mindful activity, allowing stresses and worries to fade into the background as you focus on the task at hand.Art Time workshop, 3 March, 10.30am

Calmness and Connectivity 1 (afternoons) Calmness and Connectivity 2 (evenings)

Would you like to find out how to manage and deal with your anxiety? Perhaps you experience scan anxiety, or perhaps you want to understand and work with all the feelings you have about Covid?

These sessions will offer you an insight into this; will provide you with practical tools and techniques for dealing with anxiety; and allow you to experience how to let go of the past.Calmness and Connectivity webinars, 3/17 March or 10/24 March

Beyond the bubble bath: Making self-care meaningful for you

Are you living with a brain tumour diagnosis? Are you aware of the need for self-care, but find that taking a bath or reading a book don’t really do it for you? Join us to learn about the psychology behind well-being and happiness – we’ll look at popular misconceptions of happiness and why these arise, and explore how we can use practical strategies to discover authentic happiness for you.Beyond the bubble bath webinar: 30 March, 11am


Creativity as self-care

Not only can you join us for Art Time this month, but we’re running The Great brainstrust Create-Off! Art and creativity are fantastic ways to unwind, relax and recharge – even when you’re a complete beginner. This is your chance to express yourself and share your creativity with the brain tumour community. Find out more here!