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As part of a new funding grant from Awards for All, brainstrust will be delivering new workshops and Meetups across Lancashire and South Yorkshire in 2019

We are delighted that we will be able to reach more patients and carers through this funding. It builds on the work done to nurture relationships with Healthcare Professionals across these two regions.

The funding will allow us to have a real presence in these communities, meeting the strong demand for Meetups and workshops from the people we support in both regions.

‘We are delighted to have received this funding, which will enable us to provide people affected by a brain tumour in South Yorkshire and Lancashire with opportunities to connect with other people through our events, such as Meet Ups and workshops.  We know that people feel more connected and less alone after meeting others in a similar situation and we welcome funding to create more of these events. Our events are very important to our brain tumour community, and I am looking forward to hosting more of this nature over the coming year.’

Aisha Butt – Head of Support, and Support Specialist in the North of England 

What to expect at a Meetup or workshop

We know the value of being part of a community, and not feeling alone facing your diagnosis – and we know that sometimes, it’s nice to not talk brain tumours. Our Meetups have no agenda. They are a simply a safe space for people affected by a brain tumour to relax, enjoy some food and talk to people that understand their situation.

Our workshops are designed to leave everybody – patient, carer or otherwise – feeling empowered, in control and resourced to face the road ahead. From coaching to ‘Managing Fatigue’, they provide a toolkit of useful information to improve the lives of people with a brain tumour, and their loved ones.

Aisha has announced the first Meetup, in Preston on February 8th. For more information and to reserve your place, visit the Meetup site or contact Aisha on

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