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Ruth and Aileen's couch to 5k for brain tumour support

Ruth and Aileen completing their momentous couch to 5k for brain tumour support

Sisters, Aileen Patterson and Ruth Elliott from Newcastle went from couch to 5k. They raised an incredible £1,519 for brain tumour support at brainstrust in memory of their mum, Mo.

Giving back for brain tumour support

Ruth and Aileen said, “the brainstrust website was one of the main sources of brain tumour information that we used to find out more about our mum’s condition, including explaining the type of tumour and the treatment she’d end up going through. It was an immense help and we decided we wanted to give a little back to those who had helped us though a very difficult six months.”

Big fun run for Mo

They ran the Big Fun Run in October, along with their cousin, Helen.

Ruth said, “why did we want to go from couch to 5K? Well, our most beautiful mum (Mo) was diagnosed in 2015 with a Glioblastoma. She bravely fought her brain tumour for six months before sadly leaving us on 22nd October 2015. The Big Fun Run took place on the second anniversary of our mum’s death and Aileen and I couldn’t think of a better way to honour her memory than by trying to raise a bit of money to help those in a similar situation. Hence the reason we decided to run for brainstrust.”

“It was a cold and breezy day in Newcastle. We were also joined by our family at the start and finish lines, who supported us throughout our training sessions (and aches & pains) and on the actual day of the run. We completed the run in 40 minutes, which is fabulous for three girls who had never run a step since their school days. We would like to thank all our friends, family and colleagues for supporting us with donations and words of encouragement – they really did help!”

The brainstrust website has just been updated. It is now easier to find brain tumour support and brain tumour information. You can explore the new brain tumour support section here.

Has Ruth and Aileen’s story has inspired you to take on your own couch to 5k challenge? We have free places in this year’s Big Fun Run, in locations across the UK. All we ask is that you have a go at raising at least £150 to support more people who feel lost, afraid and alone with a brain tumour. Apply for a place now by visiting the Big Fun Run website.


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