The brain tumour patient guide

The Brain Tumour Patient Guide is written in eight easy to understand sections, to be used individually or as a complete set. It will be particularly useful to patients and carers before they embark on each stage of their journey. Written alongside esteemed clinicians and expert patients and carers, and in accordance with NHS England’s Information Standard, this guide is invaluable to people on the bewildering journey that comes with having a brain tumour.
The guide is based on the NHS and National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) 2006 Improving Outcomes Guidance (or IOG) to help patients and carers understand:

  • What happens at each point in the brain tumour pathway (i.e. diagnosis, treatment, follow up care).
  • What the optimum standard of care is (according to the NHS and the IOG) at each point of the pathway.
  • What else brainstrust thinks you can expect – to help you make the most of the resources around you.
  • Suggested questions you can ask clinicians (but only if you want to).
  • What brainstrust can do to help.

June 2017 – Please note that The Patient Guide is due for review under brainstrust’s Information Standard accredited process. This review is pending, as we await new guidelines for influencing outcomes from NICE, due for publication Summer 2018.  

Click the images below to download sections of the guide relevant to you: