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There are over 120 types of brain tumour – glioblastoma (GBM4), meningioma, astrocytoma, and glioma are just a few of the names. In some cases brain surgery is necessary; in others it may just be question of watch and wait. But you need to know what the best course of action is.

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Brain tumour treatment information

In this section you will find loads of info about brain tumour treatment options. Decisions will not be easy and hopefully you will be fully involved in them. Our experience sadly is that sometimes you are not given the full picture so you can’t make informed decisions about your brain tumour treatment. Hopefully this section will answer questions and raise more! Remember – knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you will be empowered to take control of your treatment and decide what the right path is for you. Ask, ask and ask again. And you can ask us.

Navigating your pathway

I am a great believer in the bigger picture, then you know what your options are! And of course, you can always alter course. Having a route mapped out doesn’t mean that you have to stick with it.

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Brain surgery

Brain surgery. Scary words. If you are reading this then it is highly likely you have recently learnt that you are going to have neurosurgery. This is one of the first major decisions you will face. In fact, I don’t think there is anything as frightening as facing this decision – ever. If you can make this decision – one way or the other – then nothing you do will ever be as scary as this.

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Having a brain tumour is complex. Brain tumour treatment is complex. Increasingly, brain tumour treatment options are being ‘personalised’ to meet the needs of the patient. The brain tumour treatment options are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

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Clinical trials

More common in the US than in the UK, clinical trials can be offered by reputable research centres, aligned with hospitals. A clinical trial is a medical research study, which involves people. Typical cancer clinical trials will research drugs, screening, diagnosis, treatments and controlling symptoms.

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