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“Getting your affairs in order” 2nd December, 11.00am-12.00noon

Join solicitor Vicky Mansell as she explains what this means, demystifies some of these legal processes, and offers practical tips for what to do next.

If you’ve been told to get your affairs in order, it’s a devastating and confusing thing to hear.

Even as a practicing solicitor, Vicky remembers how overwhelmed she felt by being told that it was time to ‘get your affairs in order’, so she is sharing her professional expertise with us to demystify some of these legal processes for you, and offer practical tips to you for what to do next.

Join us for this helpful webinar on 2nd December at 11am.

We are very grateful to Vicky for offering her time and considerable expertise to us at no charge. This is an excellent opportunity for you to have access to a solicitor who understands the challenges of living with a brain tumour diagnosis, and to ask her any questions that you have.

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