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Walk with Me

‘Walk with Me’ is a brand new event created by mum, Jaime Brewer, from Milton Keynes. We first met Jaime when she got in touch following her brain tumour diagnosis – you can read all about Jaime’s story here.

Like anyone diagnosed with a brain tumour, Jaime had to inform the DVLA of her news. Unfortunately, Jaime then had her driving license removed from her for a period of time whilst she faced treatment and recovery. Jaime was very quick to reflect on her situation, and decided to embrace all the positive aspects of not being able to drive. The solution? Walking.

Inspired by the path this led her on, Jaime decided to rally the troops and take on a phenomenal challenge with her friends, family and supportive colleagues at SEAT.

Below, Jaime describes how she used to turn down the offer of a lift, in favour of walking home from work.

[Walking was] my time to think and clear my head. On the upside it got me fit and I lost just under 4 stone. I walked the nearly three miles home come rain or shine, sleet and snow. Walking has been a major part of my recovery journey with having to give up my driving licence for a while, so what better way to help others by combining walking with people who have supported me along the way to raise money to help others.

Talking about ‘Walk with Me’, Jaime said:

Nothing can prepare you for the diagnosis of a brain tumour no matter what type or grade. Life is a huge challenge and  I count myself as one of the lucky ones, and therefore to mark my 3 year diagnosis I have decided to walk a marathon 26.2 miles for brainstrust. I am also lucky because I have a number of friends and family who have also decided they want to celebrate the occasion by joining me.

About 8 months after surgery I fell over and broke both of my wrists. Since then I understand the importance of exercise particularly walking to keep the bones healthy. Therefore what better way to keep myself fit and well at the same time keeping good company and making a bit of money to help others in their journey’s.

I have also decided to do an independent Marathon as all money raised will go straight to brainstrust.

On 6th May 2020, Jaime, and Jaime’s friends, family and colleagues, will be taking on her perfectly-planned 26.2 mile walk, soaking up the beauty of Milton Keynes. With a passion for walking, and a commitment to raising funds, Jaime continues to inspires everyone she meets.

If you would like to support Jaime and everyone taking on this challenge, please visit their JustGiving page: