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Making day to day living a little bit easier

Radar key  If treatment gives your child an unpredictable stomach, it can make the thought of going out anywhere new really challenging.  A radar key offers you access to the 10,000 locked disabled toilets in the UK, making going out in public far less worrying. They cost £6 and can be purchased here.

CEA card – The UK Cinema Association operate a scheme where cardholders are able to bring a complimentary guest with them for free when they go to the cinema.  The card costs £6 for a year, so this could be a good investment if you’re a regular cinema go-er, or would like to be.

Turn2us – This charity helps families when they are struggling financially. They have a built in benefits calculator for you to use. They also have a database of grants that you could potentially apply for.

Something to look forward to – This family charity offers gifts, getaways and activities for the families impacted by cancer.

Ellie’s friends – A service run by Maggie’s Centres to improve peoples lives with cancer by providing gifts and experiences to offset some of the financial and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.

Something fun for children and teens 

Super Shoes  A charity that paints trainers for children or young people (up to 24 years old) that have been impacted by cancer!

Pyjama Fairies The only UK charity to make pyjamas and surgical gowns specially designed for babies and children up to age 16 having surgery or any other associated medical test.

Tom’s Gift – Tom’s Gift is a special present sent to children aged 0 to 16 who require treatment for cancer. This special present includes a mystery item and a £30 Debenhams gift voucher for them to spend in-store or online on anything they will find fun and enjoyable.

Youth Cancer Trust – A national charity that offer activities and holidays for young people (14 to 30 years old) diagnosed and living with cancer from anywhere in the UK. They also have holidays available for young people who have had treatment up to 5 years ago or are living with late effects of cancer. They can bring a sibling or a friend for free.

Cyclist fighting cancerHelp children and young people living with cancer across the UK regain their physical fitness, strength, mental wellness and confidence by giving them new bikes, specially adapted trikes, tandems, other equipment and support.

Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust – A national charity that rebuild confidence in children and young people between the ages of 8 – 24 by using sailing. These sailing trips either take place in Cowes (Isle of White) or Largs (Scotland). All the trips are free and travel is also paid for.