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With all our face to face events cancelled, we’re bringing our Meetups online. Living with a brain tumour makes you feel isolated, and that’s before the whole country was told to stay at home.

So join us to connect during this time of disconnect. We’d love to hear how you are getting on, how you’re coping with our smaller worlds, what you’re struggling with. Conversation is one of life’s sweetest joys. During periods of isolation, when we may be separated from friends and loved ones, we’re reminded that good conversation is not just a fringe benefit – it’s the means by which we stay sane, contented and connected in the midst of a storm.

So come and chat – no agendas. Just pop in to say hello! Fridays from 2-3pm.

To get a link for the Zoom call, please sign up on Eventbrite.

Not sure how to sign up for a webinar? We’ve got a Know How to walk you through it.

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