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Understanding imaging and brain tumours
PT1: Tuesday 16th March, 4-5pm
PT2: Tuesday 23rd March, 4-5pm

Find out more about imaging and brain tumours in our webinar series with Dr Gerry Thompson.

Join Consultant Neuroradiologist Dr Gerry Thompson as he explains imaging techniques used for brain tumour diagnosis and treatment. This is your exclusive opportunity to ask questions so that you can feel confident, not confused, about brain scans and imaging techniques.

In these webinars, he will cover:

  • The different types of scanning- CT/MRI/fMRI etc
  • What is a good scanner?
  • What do the plans of imaging mean?
  • What is the role of contrast?
  • How accurate is scanning for diagnostic purposes
  • Interval scanning
  • Pseudoprogression

This webinar comprises two parts:

  • Part 1 – Tuesday 16th March 4pm
  • Part 2 – Tuesday 23rd March, 4pm

This webinar will be hosted by Dr Gerry Thompson.

Gerry is an Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist for NHS Lothian. He is particularly involved in the Neuro-oncology and dementia services. A core member and lead Radiologist for the NCRI Glioma Clinical Studies Group advising on multicentre brain tumour clinical trials in the UK, he is the Principal Investigator in Edinburgh for a large multicentre study of Diffusion Imaging in Glioma (DIG).

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