Explore how we can work together to help people with a brain tumour to become involved in their care, and be comfortable and confident with their ‘new normal’.

brainstrust was founded in 2006. The charity provides impactful support to thousands of people and their caregivers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are living with a brain tumour.

Our current strategy, ‘first, we are people’, launched in 2019, sees us work to eliminate isolation, grow involvement with care and the condition, reduce fear, and improve knowledge and understanding. We do this through events, coaching, training, information and advocacy, collaborating wherever possible. This work delivers outcomes for patients and their caregivers across 6 indicators:

  • Reduced isolation
  • Involvement with communities
  • Creating control
  • Feeling supported
  • Feeling resourced

Our support, rooted in coaching principles and practices, aligns seamlessly with the NHS 10 year plan and its commitment to patient centred care. We have a proven, evidential track record in helping patients to be confident and involved partners in their care.

You can provide our accredited, trustworthy information and resources to your patients

You can refer patients for coaching

We can offer training and accreditation in coaching and communication skills, relevant to your work with brain tumour patients

We can help you raise the profile of your work through events and conferences

Patient and public involvement and engagement in your work

Working alongside charity ‘Brain Tumour Research’ we are able to link you to trained members of the public and patients and run engagement projects to help you develop your thinking and secure funding for your work

You can make sure your patients receive a brain box. We can’t send bulk orders of brain boxes to hospitals for wider distribution simply because of the costs involved, and each is tailored for the unique situation of the patient and their condition. But you can click here, and with the appropriate consent, enter some simple details so that your patient receives a brain box.

Brain tumour hub You can use the brain tumour hub to find local support and resources for your patients

Arrange a meeting  If you’d like to find out more about our work and how we can support you, we’ll come to you.