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Calmness and Connectivity
PT 1: Wednesday 3rd March, 14.00-15.00pm
PT 2: Wednesday 10th March, 14.00-15.00pm

If you’re living with a brain tumour and want to know how to manage anxiety and let go of the past, then this two-part course is for you.

The focus of these two sessions is calmness and connectivity. Would you like to find out how to manage and deal with your anxiety? Perhaps you experience scanxiety, or perhaps you want to understand and work through all the feelings you have about Coronavirus?

These sessions will offer you an insight into this; will provide you with practical tools and techniques for dealing with anxiety; and allow you to experience how to let go of the past.

We will explore how to tap into your calm connections to yourself and others – important at the moment when our connection to self can be challenged, and when so many connections are being experienced remotely.

You will undertake a journey through the neuroscience of hypnosis, an evidence based way of understanding neuroplasticity at work; and you will gain an understanding of how hypnotherapy enhances the way we learn new ideas.

  • The first session – March 3rd – will introduce key ideas and concepts to form a foundation of knowledge. You will practice your new skills allowing you to have an understanding and practical experience of creating and maintaining your own unique spaces and places within.
  • The second session – March 10th – will help you consolidate your calm connections to yourself and with others.

Sign up for the 2-part Calmness and Connectivity course, here.

 The course will be hosted by leading expert, Louise Baker.

We are exceptionally fortunate that Louise Baker MSc Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health has offered to run these seminars for us. Louise has run successful private hypnotherapy practices for over 20 years, including Harley Street and The Wren Clinic, helping hundreds of people during this time using a variety of approaches. Recently retired from 1:1 work, Louise is now focused on bringing the power of this work to groups for brainstrust. Louise has been working with brainstrust for over 5 years and so in addition to her general therapeutic practice, she has a keen understanding of the particular challenges of living with a brain tumour diagnosis.

Do take advantage of this excellent opportunity to work with Louise to create your own calm spaces .

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