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  • Inspiration from Tessa Jowell, Nick Robinson and the BBC - what this means for you. Part 3.

    Welcome to part 3 of this week's exploration of the key themes highlighted in Tuesday's BBC Radio 4 programme. In part one we discussed adaptive trials and research funding, you can read this here. And yesterday in part 2 we talked about data for the brain tumour community. Today Helen Bulbeck, brainstrust's Director of Services and Policy talk about comination therapies and treatments, with part 4 'patient experience' to follow on Monday.


    Part 3: Combination therapies and treatments for people with a brain tumour.


    It’s been a busy week for Tessa Jowell. Today as I write she is presenting at the House of Lords, following her very brave, eloquent and reasoned words on Tuesday’s BBC’s Today programme. We promised you some thinking around the four key themes that have resonated. We’ve heard about the need for combination therapies and treatments. And then there was discussion about 

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    Category: Brain News | Published: 26 January 2018
  • Inspiration from the BBC. What does this mean for you? Part 2.

    Yesterday on the BBC’s Today programme, fronted bravely by Nick Robinson and Tessa Jowell, we heard Susan Short, Professor of Clinical Oncology and Neuro-Oncology (Leeds), speak about the need for combination therapies and treatments . Dr Colin Watts, Clinician Scientist & Hon Consultant Neurosurgeon (Cambridge), explored the impact that 5ALA has had on brain tumour surgery. And then there was discussion about adaptive trial design, so that everyone who is living with a brain tumour can be entered into a trial. And the need for good data and global data collection, and for people to talk across continents. Finally the programme talked about patient experience. Four strong themes!


    We know that there truly is progress on all of these fronts – there is a stimulating environment out there. To support you in understanding what has been in the media we are providing a commentary: for the four days that follow the programme we promise to share with you the bigger picture about each of these four themes.

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    Category: Brain News | Published: 25 January 2018
  • UK Proton Beam Therapy Units to open from this year

    Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) will arrive in the UK from 2018, with sites opening at The Christie Hospital in Manchester and UCLH in London by 2020.

    The new sites will see an extension of the service currently offered to some patients referred to the USA for treatment for some specific types of brain tumour.


    brainstrust represents the brain tumour community on the Proton Beam Strategy Group, led by the National Director, Adrian Crellin. So we're well placed to ensure that the community's voice is heard. It means we are at the heart of this new service.


    More information will be following about who this treatment is appropriate for and what the risks and benefits are of this treatment. If you’d like to know more about PBT and other types of radiotherapy, you can read our resource here or just give us a call on 01983 292 405.

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    Category: Brain News | Published: 15 January 2018

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