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News archive    2014   
  • Geocaching for charity!

    Ian Ledger from Steeple Claydon in Buckingham, has turned his hobby into an enterprising endeavour to raise funds for brainstrust. Ian's hobby, Geocaching, is a global out door treasure hunting game, which uses GPS-enabled devices to find a geocache container at that hidden location, inside which geocaching coins are often placed.


    Ian’s wife Jenny was sadly diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008. “We have had immense support from brainstrust. The opportunity to meet up with other carers and people with brain tumours both in person and through social media has been a tremendous help to the whole family,” explained Ian.


    Ian who is a Neighbourhood Police Officer, has designed a whole set of brightly coloured elephant geocaching coins, which he had produced in China with the help of Pulse 72 Geocaching and NE Geocaching who helped with the design and on going sale of the geocoins.


    Geocaching is not just for geeks any more, Ian is part of a global movement of enthusiastic geocachers and frequently enjoys going out geocaching with his two...

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 12 December 2014
  • St Godric’s Masonic Lodge donates to help the brain tumour community.

    We help people with a brain tumour because we know how hard things can get. It is our mission to help people get back on top of things. So it is so lovely when someone we've helped says "thank you!” It is even lovelier, when they thank us with a donation that means we can carry on our work to help more people. So here’s a thank you for a thank you!


    Masonic lodge donates to brain tumour charity

    St Godric’s Masonic Lodge in Spalding, Lincolnshire very kindly presented brainstrust with a cheque for £500 to say thank you. One of its members, Jeremy Hills, kindly suggested brainstrust benefit from the Masonic Lodge’s charitable activity. We helped Jeremy’s family when his young, rugby enthusiast son, Barty Hills, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. His rugby career was cut devastatingly short. Barty's latest appointment showed his tumour had stopped growing, and he’s currently free from symptoms. Wonderful news! And even better? He’s playing rugby again....

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 11 December 2014
  • Dynamic Family Trio Raise Money for brain tumour support

    A family teamed up to organise a memorable fashion show at Silver Dawn Park in Clacton-on-Sea, on Sunday 23rd November. The trio - Terri Cooper (Mother), Portia Cooper (Wife) and Julie Warner (Sister) worked hard to successfully raise over £1900 for the brain tumour charity brainstrust, in Memory of their loved one Gary Cooper. Gary sadly passed away in July this year from a brain tumour aged 48.


    Gary first reported feeling unwell in April 2014 and was misdiagnosed with a virus. After revisiting the hospital Gary, a world reknown fuel specialist was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumour and was given a few months to live. Feeling desperate and isolated the family scoured the internet looking for further information about brain tumours and discovered the national charity brainstrust.


    brainstrust was the only door open to us when Gary was diagnosed with a brain tumour no one else would answer our questions, their personal support was phenomenal,” said Terri Cooper Gary’s Mum.


    After the support that they received from brainstrust the family decided to give...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 1 December 2014
  • Incredible recognition for brain tumour support - brainstrust collaboration with Cancer Research UK and NCRS shortlisted for top award.

    The brain tumour patient portal project ( that we’re working on with Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Registration Service of Public Health England (NCRS) has been shortlisted for a Quality in Care Oncology Award.


    QIC logo

    This acknowledgement means a lot to us. Not only is the need for better information for people with a brain tumour being recognised by senior bodies, but clearly our belief that the Portal can change the world for people with a brain tumour is shared.


    The Patient Portal gives brain tumour patients unprecedented access to their registry held records, which will enables better involvement in care, makes it easier to search for relevant information, and facilitates more informed conversations with family and their clinical teams.


    The Quality In Care awards recognise, reward and share good practice in oncology management, education and patient care.


    The Patient Portal...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 19 November 2014
  • brainstrust story teller needed - 12 month paid internship

    Do you believe in brain tumour support like we do? Are you looking to embark on a career in writing and/or marketing? Then we may have just the opportunity for you...

    This is very exciting. We are looking for someone to be brainstrust's very own writer and story-teller for 12 months. This is a new role. It's a paid internship and the work will be vital in helping us to reach new audiences and generate greater understanding of our work with those that already know about us. No experience is required, but unbound enthusiasm, and a keen interest in writing and marketing is important.

    For all the info, please click here

    But please be quick - the clock is ticking! 


    join brainstrust for 12 months

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 24 October 2014
  • A milestone in brain tumour research: the UK’s first national networked brain tumour tissue bank.

    A new collaboration announced today gives unprecedented access to over 400,000 brain tumour tissue samples for research.


    This initiative, called the Brain Tumour Archive Network, will unlock thousands of previously hard to access brain tumour samples for researchers throughout the UK.

    brain tumour tissue bank, slide showing cancerous cells
    Helping the clinical community to access more brain tumours for more research

    Creation of the network is being led by brainstrust and supported by a wider group of brain tumour charities including Charlie’s Challenge, Brain Tumour Research and umbrella group Sophie’s Wish. BRAIN UK, operating at the University of Southampton, will link existing archives of brain tumour tissue in a virtual network so that researchers can gain access to unprecedented levels of tissue to support their much needed research into better treatments and a cure for brain cancer.

    An exciting collaboration between Brain Tumour Charities, Societies, Universities and 27 Hospitals

    BRAIN UK is run as a...

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    Category: Research News | Published: 7 October 2014

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