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News archive    2014   
  • Coffee and cake day raises £400 for brainstrust

    Last Sunday Gill Moore and Irene Clark, two of our amazing supporters, hosted a charity coffee and cake day in Glasgow.

    Irene, who has been involved in piloting a brainstrust counselling network in Scotland, wanted to raise funds after seeing the real difference that our support has made to the lives of those living with a brain tumour and their families.

    “Our coffee afternoon was great fun! Yes it was hectic, but as many of our friends and family have said, it was also a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Despite the rain and cold about 60 people came along, tucked into some fabulous cake and bought baking, preserves and raffle tickets, helping to raise the fantastic sum of £800, which was split between brainstrust and another charity. I'd recommend it to those thinking of fundraising. We will definitely be doing it again!"

    Carol, our support specialist in Scotland, went along to the fundraiser, taking a Brain Box and some other brainstrust resources with her, which were well received by the guests.

     “It was a really great afternoon. Delicious home-baking, great meeting and sharing our work with others and the magnificent sum raised by Irene will go to help even more...

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 19 May 2015
  • Expert-led coaching workshops


    A brain tumour diagnosis is terrifying. We know.

    That’s why we’re running coaching workshops across the country to put you back in control.

    Become stronger, more resilient and communicate better through these sessions led by our expert coaches, who also know how hard it is to live with a brain tumour.

    Both patients and carers of any age are invited.

    It’ll be a safe space to talk and be heard, have improved well-being, and leave with some strategies to help cope with the challenges ahead.

    Upcoming workshops:

    • London, Monday 22 June, morning session
    • Reading, Monday 29 June, afternoon session
    • Glasgow, August 27, afternoon session

    More locations soon to be announced. 

    Book Today

    Places are free, but numbers are limited so available on a first come, first served basis with reserve...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 11 May 2015
  • What will the new government mean for the brain tumour community?

    The Conservative Government has promised:

    • To make the UK a world leader in fighting cancer
    • To find the £8 billion needed to meet the Five Year Forward View in which Simon Stevens CEO of the NHS sets out the vision needed to meet the challenges faced by the NHS
    • To prevent cancer through tackling obesity, improving lifestyle choices through food labelling and looking at the packaging of tobacco products
    • To continue to support research into early diagnosis and improvements in the health system
    • To continue investment in the Cancer Drugs Fund and implement the recommendations of the Cancer Taskforce
    • To support research into rarer cancers, the 100,000 genome project and improve access to medicines.

    Our response:

    We’re pleased to see early diagnosis on the agenda, along with continued investment in cancer treatments and protecting the life sciences and innovative research spend. And, the research into rarer cancers will be also be of great significance, as together they actually count for 50% of all cancer...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 8 May 2015
  • Raunchy for Rachel - a charity calendar in aid of brainstrust

    Brain tumour patient, Rachel Stretch, and her friends are raising money for brainstrust by getting men to pose in various states of undress for a charity calendar called ‘Raunchy for Rachel’.

    Embedded image permalink

    Rachel was diagnosed with a brain tumour two years ago after being taken ill whilst out for lunch with her friend Pam Le Ballois. She’d been experiencing headaches previously but had been told initially that they were just migraines.

    After suddenly falling ill on that day though, Pam persuaded Rachel to go to the Countess of Chester Hospital, where a specialist sent her for a precautionary brain scan. It was there that she was given the devastating news that she had a brain tumour and needed to go for emergency surgery at The Walton Centre that day.

    Rachel was found to have Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most aggressive of primary brain tumours, on the left side of her brain. The surgery removed most of it but some had to be left as it was in the speech and language part of the brain.

     “My original prognosis was two years but all the stories were between 10 and...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 7 May 2015
  • Our 100th Meet Up

    Whether you’re joining the group of patients and carers currently bowling in Sheffield or not, there’s still reason to celebrate. This get together is a special one. It’s our 100th Meet Up!

    We started having Meet Ups a few years ago so that the brain tumour community could come together, meet others in the same boat and share their experiences in an informal setting. We didn’t want to go down the support group route - we offer our help personally, at any time. So instead we decided to arrange afternoon teas and evening meals, anything that will bring anyone affected by a brain tumour together with others who truly understand.

    Our Meet Ups have grown over the years and, as our 100th happens now, we’ve realised they’ve had 1500 attendees. That means that we have 1500 friends who we see regularly and who, perhaps unknowingly, have been vital to other people’s journeys, as others have to theirs. Because, although these Meet Ups are mainly all about fun, they perform another significant function. They make people feel less alone and less afraid in the face of a confusing and isolating brain tumour...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 5 May 2015
  • Shavepril: what a month it was

    All throughout last month, Antony Evans and Ian Phillips, two of our incredible supporters, asked people to shave, donate and nominate for brain tumour support.


    Five years ago Ian was diagnosed with a brain tumour and we’ve been supporting him since. So, the boys not only wanted drum up some funds for brainstrust so that we could support more people, but also wanted to communicate more awareness of the traumatic effect cancer has on its sufferers and families through a campaign more empathetic than those previous.

    “We believe 'Movember' has maybe run its course, and promoting growing hair, which never actually happens in the treatment of cancer to our knowledge, is just a bit odd.  We're not aware of patient’s symptoms, of any disease, feeling like they've had a bucket of iced water poured on their heads either!!!  We believe this is a far more empathetic and compassionate way of communicating the issues of chemotherapy treatment surrounding the condition that is cancer, a disease that Fig (Ian) continues to battle bravely"-  Antony Evans, Shavepril organiser


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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 1 May 2015

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