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News archive    2015   
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) publishes the new categorisation for brain tumours

    After many months of waiting, the WHO has published the new categorisation for brain tumours, which provides a more precise and accurate system of classifying brain tumours.

    What does this mean for people living with a brain tumour?

    For the first time the categorisation combines molecular information with histology (the type of tumour). This means that clinicians will be able to reach a more accurate diagnosis, a better prognosis and more focused treatment planning. It is a step closer towards personalised treatments as clinicians will be able to target therapies more accurately. 

    And for research?

    This is a significant step forward for neuro-oncology research. Research and the development of new treatments will mean that patients can be better matched based on the molecular signature of their brain tumour. And of course, once the data about brain tumours is gathered we will be able to look at disease trends which may help us identify causes and risk factors. 

    The counter argument

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    Category: Research News | Published: 11 May 2016
  • A mammoth challenge for brain tumour support

    One of our amazing supporters Jon Richardson recently took on a HUGE challenge for brain tumour support. He endured the Isle of Wight Challenge, a 106km trek along the island’s coastal paths.


    Not content taclking the walk at a steady pace, Jon decided to run the mammoth distance.


    “I had wanted to do an ultra marathon for a few years purely to see if I could do it and what effect it would have mentally and physically. I was worried about not raising enough sponsorship, as I have never done a charity event before, but I was convinced that I could do it and I went on to raise over £1000 for brainstrust.”


    It took Jon 19 gruelling hours to complete the challenge.


    “I hit ‘the wall’ at the 50 mile mark and the last 16 miles were incredibly tough both physically and mentally, especially the last 7 miles which was through woodland trails and coastal paths which I tackled...

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 11 May 2016
  • Never feel lost with our new guides to support in your area

    We know how hard it is to find the right support when you’ve been diagnosed with a brain tumour. It’s the reason why we founded brainstrust 10 years ago and why we wanted to provide 24/7 personal support and then signpost you to all of the other help available, wherever you may live.

    Following a successful trial in Sheffield, we’re today launching four brand new directories that will help you find your way on this journey.


    These directories, entitled ‘The Little White Book’  are produced regionally and signpost you to all of the support available in Merseyside, Greater LondonSouth East Scotland and

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 10 May 2016
  • Mansfield Mum funds access to a new lifesaving protocol to help doctors treat people with a brain tumour

    Sandy Marshall, one our amazing supporters, has raised funds to promote a new scan referral procedure for doctors treating patients with persistent headaches.


    Sandy’s son Jack was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour last year. Keen to do something positive and to help others in the same situation, Sandy began fundraising. She, alongside the help of friend Shekina, went on to raise £2,292 from running Race for Life and a clothing sale. 


    “I’d raised the money and was determined that is should go somewhere it could make the most difference. I found brainstrust online, who support people affected by a brain tumour. I got in touch, and explained Jack’s story and the Charity said that my money could fund the open access publication of this research project that would eventually lead to patients getting quicker scans when they go to the doctors with a headache.”



    The protocol that Sandy is funding is being developed by Professor Willie...

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 4 May 2016
  • Lisa Bennett to 'Walk the Thames' for brain tumour support

    Lisa Bennett was diagnosed with a brain lesion last year. brainstrust has supported Lisa throughout her journey and now she’s decided to give something back, in a special way.


    It was whilst researching her diagnosis online that Lisa found brainstrust. She got in touch began to access the support that we offer, and soon started to get back on top of things.


    Now Lisa is focusing on giving something back and helping others who are facing the uncertain times. On 6th June she will be undertaking ‘Walk the Thames’, a 7 and a half mile stretch of pathways from Greenwich to Cutty Sark to Westminster Bridge.

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 26 April 2016
  • New published review addresses the management of fatigue in adults with a primary brain tumour

    We know from speaking with our community that fatigue is a huge issue when living with a brain tumour, and that it effects quality of life. 

    Fatigue management was one of the top 10 priorities for clinical research that we pin pointed together, during our work with the James Lind Alliance.


    In a new step towards addressing fatigue, our Director of Services and Policy Helen has been a key player in a new Cochrane Collaboration review published last week, entitled ‘Interventions for the management of fatigue in adults with a primary brain tumour.’


    Although it’s still early days for this strand of clinical research, it’s a step in the right direction towards finding how we can help people experiencing fatigue manage their symptoms, and the work is still underway.


    Soon we will be publishing our own guide to managing fatigue which will, alongside our...

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    Category: Research News | Published: 26 April 2016

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