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News archive    2016   
  • Lynn's skydiving challenge of a lifetime

    Despite suffering from motion sickness, Lynn Crichton was determined to skydive 10,000 feet out of a plane in memory of her fiancé, Garreth, who sadly died of a brain tumour in 2012.

    Garreth was a very outgoing and adventure-loving person, so a skydive is exactly the sort of challenge that would have got his stamp of approval.

    “Garreth had lots of friends and was loved by everyone who knew him,” says Lynn. “He was a very positive person and always gave lots of good advice and encouragement. He had done lots of travelling, and he’d done a bungee jump, so he would have been thrilled at me doing a skydive!”


    Lynn wanted to raise funds in Garreth’s memory, so contacted brainstrust for more information. “I was impressed by the personal service I received,’ says Lynn. So much so, that she decided to start fundraising to help the thousands of people in the UK with a brain tumour.

    She got involved in Teafest, followed shortly after by a 12-mile cycle ride. For her next challenge, she was persuaded by her friend Carol Cochrane, who is also brainstrust’s community...

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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 19 January 2017
  • Last night a shining light has gone out at brainstrust

    Last night a shining light has gone out at brainstrust and for the brain tumour community. Last night we said goodbye to our friend Shaun Skinner.


    Despite the personal challenges created by his own brain tumour, Shaun has been a close friend, ally and advocate to us all, working tirelessly to raise awareness of the real impact of this horrible disease, and funds for our work to help people with a brain tumour to feel less alone, less afraid and more in control.



    Shaun asked us to help him with 'Wear Grey' back in 2011. Since then Shaun, with Wear Grey, has helped over 1 million people understand the impact of brain tumours. In addition, he has inspired people to raise funds for brain tumour support well in excess of £100,000.


    Of course we will now be working harder than ever to make Wear Grey the event that Shaun...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 16 January 2017
  • Coping with scan anxiety

    Sam Newton is all too familiar with the anxiety that scans can cause. She’s experienced it as a brain tumour patient and as a health care professional.



    Sam is a radiographer, specialising in breast screening, and working with people who have cancer or are anxious and afraid that they have cancer. Sam is also a patient. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with two meningiomas, and now has regular scans.


    As a patient and professional with 23 years of experience, Sam understands the process more than most, but it doesn’t make having an MRI scan any easier. “Personally, I dislike them,” Sam says. “I am very claustrophobic, so I have medication to help me cope. My MRI colleagues are fantastic; they always look after me very well. But there is always that anxiety of what if. What if it's reoccurred or what if my second tumour has grown. It’s good to know I'm monitored but it always heightens my worries.”


    Her own experience means she understands exactly how her patients are feeling. She understands the worry. She understands the fear. And the feeling of not being in control,...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 6 January 2017
  • Are you a dare devil or a tea drinking biscuit dunker?

    Whether you want to take on a big skydiving challenge, or enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of tea, we have an event for you.



    This Mother’s Day why not do something amazing to help the thousands of mums who are living with, or caring for someone with a brain tumour.


    Take on a skydiving challenge on Mother’s Day, 26th March 2017.


    We know how difficult life can be when a member of the family is diagnosed with a brain tumour. We know how many challenges a mum has to face. You can help thousands of mums to feel less alone, less afraid and more in control.




    We’ve got skydives taking place in Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire and Fife. Choose from:


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    Category: Fundraising News | Published: 3 January 2017
  • BRAIN UK generates £1.3 million for brain tumour research

    BRAIN UK, the tissue bank set up three years ago to improve access to tissue samples for research, has generated £1.3 million investment in brain tumour research.


    The collaborative project between hospitals, charities and Southampton University has increased the amount of research, generated more investment and unlocked thousands of previously inaccessible brain tumour tissue samples.  



    To learn more about brain tumours so that better outcomes can be achieved for people living with a brain tumour, it is important that tumour tissue samples are available to researchers.


    Even though there are around 400,000 stored samples in NHS biopsy archives, and a further 18,500 accrued each year, brain tumour tissue is still difficult for researchers to access.


    Trying to identify suitable tissue to help shape a study can be very difficult. This is made even more challenging as a result of the legal and ethical considerations required to gain approval to use human tissue. For new researchers, it can be a difficult and long process.


    Three years ago we set up BRAIN UK, an...

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    Category: Research News | Published: 16 December 2016
  • There is still time to watch our Christmas appeal

    We are on BBC Two this afternoon at 1pm, telling the world what life is like when you're living with a brain tumour, and raising funds to help more people.

    Our appeal features Phoebe and Chris, members of the brainstrust community, and is presented by Julia Somerville, a TV presenter who had a brain tumour and was successfully treated.


    For more information and to donate visit


    If you miss this afternoon's broadcast, you can also catch it on the BBC iPlayer.




    Meet Phoebe and find out how she's making new friends

    Phoebe is six years old and loves drawing and music. Phoebe had an operation to remove a malignant brain tumour in 2015.


    Since the operation, Phoebe and her mum Rachel have found ways to talk about it. She says: “I'm a happy person, even when we...

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    Category: Charity News | Published: 14 December 2016

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