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  • Cancer Research UK announces £25million investment in brain tumour research

    Exciting news – and not before time. For some years now Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has shown a real commitment to funding brain tumour research, increasing its funding share to 8%. Now CRUK is pushing the research agenda forward and is committing £25million over the next five years so that two Centres of Excellence can be established – purely for brain cancer research.

    What does this mean for our community?

    It means that at long last there will be a dynamic, multidisciplinary research community in the UK. It means too that the infrastructure required to facilitate innovation in the field, and create hubs of expertise will become established. For too long the research community has been fragmented and underfunded. This funding will make a real difference to those of us who are living with a brain tumour. Brain Tumour Research has worked hard to challenge the underfunding of brain cancer research and we have worked hard to get clinical research on the agenda. This funding ticks these boxes so well done CRUK.

    What does this mean for brainstrust?

    Helen Bulbeck, brainstrust's Director of Policy and Services explains.

    "brainstrust's work with the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership will underpin the clinical research. The Top Ten Uncertainties and therein prioirities for research have already been embraced by the NCRI and the clinical research community, which has seen a real shift in focus. brainstrust will continue to ensure that these stay front mind and will play a key role in taking this agenda forward through its engagement with CRUK, NIHR, NCRI and of course, you – our community who tells us what it is like to be living with the challenges that having a brain tumour brings.

    Already we are seeing uplift in research and welcome focus on quality of life, including issues such as fatigue and behaviour and personality change. We are running Incubator Days on all of the JLA topics so a firm platform for clinical research, that puts the patient at the centre, is being established. Timing of this announcement couldn’t be better."

    And for brain tumour charities?

    Will Jones, brainstrust's Chief Executive adds, "this is long overdue, but very welcome news to be celebrated by the patient and caregiver community and embraced by scientists and clinicians. We applaud CRUK on the initiatve. We hope that this will also drive some reflection within the sector - with this level of investment, research focussed brain tumour charities should be thinking strategically about what this means for them, their direction and their supporters." 


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    Category: Research News | Published: 27 June 2017

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