Chris was only 8 years old when he was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary suffering from pain behind his right ear, nausea and weight loss. After emergency surgery it was discovered that Chris had a rare brain tumour called an ependymoma. That was just the start of an epic battle to try and beat the disease.

Under the expert care of his Neurosurgeon, Mr van Hille, Chris made an amazing recovery and after radiotherapy was able to resume a near normal life. Sadly after 4 years of remission the cancer returned in his spine. The tumour was removed and further radiotherapy was given to the whole spine and rest of the brain together with 4 months of grueling chemotherapy. With courage and strength that astounded all Chris recovered well even taking up Martial Arts in a bid to improve his health earning 4 belts in Kung Fu.

After 3 years remission he received the devasting news that the cancer had returned at the top of his spine. Over the last 3 years Chris has had 6 more spinal tumours most of them removed during increasingly high risk surgery. We were delighted, therefore, when Chris was acepted for a new form of radiotherapy called Cyberknife, in London but devastated when funding for this was refused 3 times.

We want to raise money for this treatment  which at present costs £25,000 per treatment, and for any other Doctor recommended treatments that could help but which are not routinely available on the NHS. Chris is a quiet, determined and modest young man whose interests include playing guitar (he performed in front of his Primary school after his first surgery) and who was nominated by his Secondary school for The Princess Diana Award for inspiring others with his courage and quiet dignity. Any surplus funds will be directed towards ependymoma research.

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