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Little Ships

We may have all come on different ships,
but we're in the same boat now.

Martin Luther King

Little Ships are slightly different to our funds: They are ringfenced fundraising accounts set up to help individual brain tumour patients or to fund a specific, third party project that sits within brainstrust's charitable aims.

They have their own identity and are on their own brain cancer journey but with the support of brainstrust. We work collaboratively to achieve our goals, whether that is raising funds to save a life, or to fund research.

Becoming a Little Ship is easy and provides you with all kinds of benefits, such as webspace on this site, a professionally designed logo, and the sanctity of being in our harbour. If this is of interest to you then please contact HQ

The Kissy Puppy Fund

The Kissy Puppy Fund

In June 2012 Sophie Rolf's family received the terrible news, 2 months before Sophie’s 5th birthday, that Sophie has an aggressive brain tumour in a very awkward part of the brain. The tumour is inoperable and the prognosis is poor. Sophie is due to start radiotherapy and chemotherapy any day now. Sophie has remained brave in spite of everything and has always kept a smile on her face. She has already had two operations to relieve the pressure in her head and has been an absolute star during numerous scans, blood tests and visits to Southampton. The ‘KissyPuppy’ fund has been established for friends and family to support Sophie.

The Kissy Puppy Fund
Charlotte's fund of hope

Charlotte's Fund of Hope

Anita Smith's beautiful twin daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in May 2007, just 4 days after her 16th birthday. The surgeon who operated on Charlotte told us that her prognosis was poor. Seven months later, whilst on chemotherapy, she was diagnosed with a second brain tumour.

Charlotte's Fund of Hope
George Pickard

George Pickard Fellowship

George was 41 when he collapsed, on what seemed to be a normal day at the office.

Scans revealed he had a malignant brain tumour and it quickly became apparent that he was suffering from a very aggressive form of the disease. The Consultants all agreed that the tumour was inoperable, and the prognosis was poor.

George Pickard Fellowship
Lisa Connell

Chris's Ependymoma Treatment Appeal

Chris was only 8 years old when he was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary suffering from pain behind his right ear, nausea and weight loss. After emergency surgery it was discovered that Chris had a rare brain tumour called an ependymoma. That was just the start of an epic battle to try and beat the disease.

Now Chris and his family need to raise money for life-saving Cyberknife treatment.

Chris's Ependymoma Treatment Appeal
Jessica Taylor

The Jessica Taylor Charity Fund

Jessica Taylor is a beautiful, sunny teenager who probably feels like she has already lived her life four times over. Jess was diagnosed with a brain tumour - a medulloblastoma - on 1 August 2007 and since then has had surgery and the adjuvant therapies. These have not been without trauma.

Ian's brain campaign

Ian's Brain Campaign

"I won't sit around and let this beat me" just about sums up Ian's fighting attitude. Army sergeant Ian O'Keefe found out he had a deadly brain tumour after he went to the opticians with an aching eye. Ian has had the tumour removed and has gone through chemo only to be told that there is nothing more that can be done.

Proton beam Alex

Proton Beam Alex 2009

After a biopsy in November 2008 it was discovered that Alex Jones (34) has a rare form of brain tumour, an astrocytoma of an unknown kind, for which there is no effective treatment provided anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Smiley Riley brain tumour support for childrenThe Smiley Riley Fund

Founded after Riley Plant, a courageous little boy, lost his fight to a brain tumour. In his loving memory, Riley’s family is now dedicated to helping others access the best help available, to tackling the emotional and practical challenges that come with a brain tumour diagnosis and offering financial support where they can.


The Smiley Riley Fund has teamed up with brainstrust to create a support service dedicated to children and families. It will leave no family feeling lost or alone on their journey.

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