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  • Wear Grey for Shaun Skinner: 10th February 2017.

    Shaun Wear Grey Banner


      About Shaun Skinner

    Despite the personal challenges created by his own brain tumour, Shaun has been a close friend, ally and advocate to us all, working tirelessly to raise awareness of the real impact of this horrible disease, and funds for our work, helping so many people with a brain tumour to feel less alone, less afraid and more in control. 

    Shaun asked us to help him with 'Wear Grey' back in 2011. Since then Shaun, with Wear Grey, has helped over 1 million people understand the impact of brain tumours. In addition, he has inspired people to raise funds for brain tumour support well in excess of £100,000. Of course we will now be working harder than ever to make Wear Grey the event that Shaun wanted it to be.

    We can all work together to help the world understand what a brain tumour really means, for each other, and for Shaun. Shaun is a hero to us all. His humanity, honesty, perceptiveness, sense of humour and tenacity will never be forgotten and will always live on here at brainstrust and in our work. But Shaun, it is your friendship that we will miss most of all.

    Every year Shaun has inspired us to turn the world grey for a day to raise awareness of brain tumours, and funds so that we can support people with the disease.

    That is why on Friday 10th February, we will be remembering Shaun in our own special way.

    Shaun wearing grey

     Remembering Shaun: 10th February 2017



    Shaun inspired the brain tumour community in setting up Wear Grey for a Day. He will continue to do so too. 

    Shaun's family will be supporting a number of families in memory of Shaun. If you would like to support brainstrust, and are unable to attend Shaun's funeral to make a donation in person, but would like to remember Shaun in your own way, then join us in wearing grey for the day on Friday 10th February and text a donation to brainstrust by texting HUFC17 £5 to 70070.  

    How Shaun changed the world for people living with a brain tumour.


    - An estimated 1 million more people know more about what it is like living with a brain tumour, becuase of Shaun

    - Shaun inspired a community to raise £100,000 for brainstrust's brain tumour support

    - Shaun personally helped and supported hundreds of people through their brain tumour journey, both online and face to face.




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