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  • WEAR GREY 2016



    Every year we turn the world grey for a day to raise awareness of brain tumours, and funds so that we can support people with the disease.

    Why? Because the world needs to notice brain tumours and understand the devastating impact that a diagnosis has upon sufferers and their families.

    Let’s make the world notice

    Turning the world grey is actually pretty easy, and you can help us do it by following just a five simple steps:

    So that we can send you a Wear Grey fundraising pack

    This year we have a whole range of grey merchandise that will ensure you’re properly kitted out on the day. Grab a Wear Grey item from our shop - 100% of the donation will be spent helping people with a brain tumour.

    We challenge you to turn your whole workplace and school grey for a day. You can even put on a grey event. Get them to sign up today.

    • WEAR GREY FOR THE DAY on October 1st.
    And be proud about it. Join our Wear Grey Facebook community, where you can share your photos, stories and shout about why you’re wearing grey.

    You’ve made a stand for brain tumours and you’ve made the world notice. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    Your grey will make a difference

    Not only will your grey make people notice brain tumours, the money raised will also be spent helping people who are facing a terrifying diagnosis. Every penny raised go towards brainstrust’s support service, which helps people living with a brain tumour know that they’re not alone and inspires them to become stronger.


    Last year was bigger than ever

    Wear Grey for a Day 2015 was the biggest ever. 47,000 people wore grey at home, school or work and made a united stand which made people notice brain tumours. The day raised an astonishing £30,000, which has been spent helping more people than ever before get the support that’s so desperately needed.


    But we can make Wear Grey 2016 bigger than that. Let’s turn the whole world grey.


    For you to shout about any plans you have


    Upload this to your
    Facebook and Twitter account

    To help you raise some extra vital funds on the day!




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