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  • A day of music and memories to remember Julia

    Join our lovely supporter Ray as he hosts a day to celebrate the life of his beloved wife Julia. 

    An update on our upcoming concert to raise awareness of the lack of funding for research into finding more effective and less debilitating treatments, and an eventual eradication of these forms of cancer, and to raise funding for the five charities who helped us during Julia’s Journey. All in celebration of the life of my late wife Julia Higgs.

    During the writing of Julia’s story narrative I came to realise that it needed to be in a more intimate setting rather than using a large orchestra on stage. I have therefore decided to use the considerable talents of our Musical Director to provide the accompaniment for our guest performers at the piano instead.

    Tickets are going quickly (we have currently sold around 25% of the available seats) so don’t be disappointed, contact the Box Office and choose your seats now.

    Ray and Julia's story

    "On New Year’s Eve 2013 our lives were irrevocably changed when my wife Julia was admitted to the A&E department of the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading with the first symptoms of what turned out to be a brain tumour; and not just any brain tumour but a Grade IV Astrocytoma in the left temporal lobe. The prognosis was not good given the median duration from onset to its inevitable conclusion was a mere 11 to 14 months; and Julia fought a brave fight for 12 months and 3 weeks before finally succumbing peacefully at home.


    At diagnosis, Julia was a 56 years old bubbly, fun loving, cake baking, tap dancing wife, mum and nanny; and was also a well-respected Private Medical Secretary to three busy consultants in the private health sector.  This year we were to celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary, and big ‘0’ birthdays together, sadly this was not to be."


    A day to remember Julia 

    "After a period of reflection, we decided to celebrate a beautiful life, and to find a way to raise awareness of the lack of progress in the treatments available for these kinds of cancer.  The evolution of new treatments with less debilitating side effects is currently not helped by the lack of funding in this particular area of research.  We also wanted to raise funds for the five main charities who were there for us in varying areas during the very difficult year. To this end, we decided upon the medium of theatre as all of us were involved in acting, music or dance in some way. Indeed Julia and I first met in an amateur production of Oklahoma, which was performed at the Kenton Theatre, (the fourth oldest working theatre in the country) and the theatre committee have been very helpful. Also, thanks to HAODS we have also been extremely lucky to have the use of their Studio behind the Kenton Theatre to use as a hospitality/information centre, where representatives of the chosen charities will be present from midday; and where a more detailed account of the challenges we faced during Julia’s Journey will be available to read.


    We hope you will be able to come and support us in this venture. The programme will be an eclectic mix of songs and dance to suit all tastes, with an on stage orchestra and guest appearances from established artistes . I will also be performing for the first time a song which I have written called ‘Song for Julia’ which I started to write several months before Julia became ill, and finalised after her passing." 
    -Ray Higgs 

    Get your tickets today

    Kenton Theatre, New Street, Henley-on-Thames

    Sunday 18th September 2016

    Performances at 2.30 and 6.30

    Tickets: £15 (Includes £1 Theatre Restoration Levy)

    Box Office:  01491 575698

    Proceeds from the day will be donated to brainstrust, The Brain Tumour Charity, Marie Curie, Sue Ryder and Macmillan.

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