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  • London to Paris Bike Ride: an unforgettable challenge ride for brain tumour support

    Cycling from London to Paris is one of the great cycle experiences in Europe. Passing through picturesque countryside, you’ll cross the Channel and continue through the small villages and medieval market towns of Northern France, then finish in Paris beneath the Eiffel Tower. This is a chance to do something BIG for brain tumour support.


    You can chose to take place on two different dates, either the 7th – 11th September or the 14th – 17th September.

    The itinerary

    This is a well supported cycle ride, organised by Do if for Charity.

    DAY 1: An early start from SE London allows you to avoid the morning traffic. The route takes you SE away from the main routes towards Tonbridge and on through the Kent countryside to Dover where you’ll catch the ferry to Calais. (Distance: Approx 95 miles)


    DAY 2: After breakfast you’ll head south through beautiful French countryside. The route will take you along small quiet roads through villages and small towns. You’ll spend the night in Abbeville.

    (Distance: Approx 75 miles)


    DAY 3: Continue south through villages and along quiet French roads to the more forested region around Compiegne, where you’ll spend the night.

    (Distance: Approx 70 miles)


    DAY 4: The final day's cycling takes you SW initially through small villages and woodland before you’ll meet the outskirts of Paris. You’ll cycle though the Parisian streets around the Arc de Triumph to finish beneath the lofty arches of the Eiffel Tower. A celebration meal to fellow.

    (Distance: Approx 60 miles)


    DAY 5: Free day in Paris and then Eurostar home to London.

    What the event will mean for brain tumour support

    The cycle ride is a BIG one, which means it’ll give you the chance to make such a difference to the lives of those who brainstrust help and inspire. Your sponsorship money could fund so many of our vital support resources, or even a few togethers for people who are feeling alone because of their brain tumour diagnosis.

    Register for the London to Paris Bike Ride today

    Registration for the bike ride costs £99 and we ask that you raise a minimum of £1460 in sponsorship, so that we can help so many more people to become stronger in the face of a terrifying brain tumour diagnosis.

    We’ll support you with your fundraising every step of the way.

    To register just email

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