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  • Great Yorkshire Run - Be great for brain tumour support

    Be great for people with a brain tumour - Join team brainstrust and thousands of runners in Sheffield on Sunday 28th September 2014 for the Great Yorkshire Run.

    Great Yorkshire Run for brain tumour support

    Help people with a brain tumour and their carers in Sheffield and the surrounding area by joining team brainstrust at the Great Yorkshire Run. 

    We have a team based in Sheffield to deliver our revered support service locally. Hundreds of people around Sheffield benefit hugely from our help, but to keep this brain tumour support service running, we need you to do something great. So please, join us at the Great Yorkshire Run so we can help brain tumour patients and carers in Sheffield and the surrounding area feel less afraid, less alone and better informed.

    Taking part in the Great Yorkshire Run 10k for brain tumour support

    Register today - email or or call on 01983 292405

    Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield for brain tumour support

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